4 definitions by Houle Mckean

a sarcastic, rude and ironic comment or remark. Usually it’s done in a comeback or to be plain rude.
"I'll clean my room, when you stop being old," was a snargy thing to say.
by Houle Mckean July 17, 2006
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sort for "Pippin" which is a 1920s slang term for a very pretty girl.
"MAN! That girl is such a pip! Look at those boobs!"
by Houle Mckean July 20, 2006
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a child concieved through lust (usually a one night thing). The parents never marry and sometimes never see each other again.
That new kid on the street is a love child. His dad knocked up his mum at graduation and then left.
by Houle Mckean August 6, 2006
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A term in fan fiction- usually smut- to indicate that a character in the ship is underage, and still a child (under 18)
Person one: did you read that Snape/Harry fic?

Person two: no because I don't like chansex.
by Houle Mckean August 5, 2006
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