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The huge family out of New York now spread all over the U.S. Chilbert is the americanized version of Ciliberto (Ch-ill-e-bear-to)
The Chilbert family is Italian, don't disrespect!
by Anonymous October 31, 2003
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a rare human creature found only in oakville ontario. he is characterized by his asian apperance and his oversize head which actually works as both a storage area for his brain (no one said he ever uses it) and a weapon (come on something that big is got to be scary)
by chili-d July 16, 2003
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A chilbert is when one cannot be fucked to do anything. You can nail a chilbert. It is best to nail a chilbert when you should be at work. Refreshments and good TV is essential to 'nail a chilbert'
Fuck going to work, I'm just going to smash the shit out of a chilbert instead.
by roozcock March 02, 2010
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