The Chicken Skin Dust Mask is performed when a male takes his scrotum and stretches it with this left and right hands by pulling it from side to side stretching it out flat to resemble a mask. A loose, warm scrotum works best and should not be performed if suffering from jerky sack. The male then kneels over his female partner's face and places the stretched scrotum over her mouth and nose for mutual enjoyment.
Toby's girlfriend is into some kink yo! She loves getting a Chicken Skin Dust Mask now and then.
by Eaton Holgoode June 22, 2009
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A male that intentionally, indiscriminately and freely walks around in public and private with his chicken skin ball sack hanging out of his fly or hanging out from under his shorts.
Paul looks forward to his lunch break every day. He enjoys leaving the office and walking to the restaurants on Main Street doing a little Free Range Chicken Skinning.
by Eaton Holgoode April 15, 2015
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A food preferred by blacks. Chicken skin is saved and usually fried, where it is then wrapped around a stick of butter and consumed.
That fat nigger Tyrone ate six chicken skin butter wraps. What a tub o' black lard!
by P. Lucho August 09, 2004
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Another name for an uncircumcised penis, especially with wrinkly, flabby foreskin.
"Damn gramps, maybe grandma will be happier if you have her your old skin chicken
by DatWillowGuy112 November 07, 2017
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When you use cooked chicken skin during a hand job. Sometimes it results in increased calorie intake for both parties.
I got a chicken skin hand job during dinner tonight.
by Tmurph19 January 19, 2016
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person 1: boy getcho sketcher havin ass outta here
person 2: boi getcho bubble gum dum dum chicken bone skin tone country tone dum done outta here
person 1: damn bro thats to far
by bubble gum dum dum lad November 25, 2021
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