A crude term used for a woman that has loose vaginal muscles. Taken from KFC chicken bucket because of its size and shape.
I bet that woman has a chicken bucket between her legs.
by Kifujin February 10, 2005
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Whenever you shove your hand up a black woman's ass, and in the process you grap fecal matter to pull out and indulge upon.
Tony-"i chicken bucketed Opera last night"/ Jeff-"wtf?! chicken-bucketing is fucking gross, you nasty ass 'piece of shit'"/ Tony- "aaaaaaaah...pun"
by kooksters July 26, 2011
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A dress that shows off your titties and leg, aka your breasts and thighs
I saw Willam wearing a chicken bucket dress at her show yesterday. Bitch's look was on fleek
by mikeyminaj June 5, 2015
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When a girl puts a piece of original recipe chicken into her vagina and then a large black man eats the chicken back out
Tyrone: Man, i just pulled off the Alabama chicken bucket on sharkeisha!
by swag master general 420 August 22, 2014
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A sexual term for for a man getting raped by multiple men in jail at one time
Bob woke up one morning with a sore Chicken Bucket and found Butch, Bubba, & Big Bart climbing in all at the same time
by Abyss92882 April 7, 2021
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