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A member of the Chetnik guerrilla force.
The Chetniks rescued some 500 U.S. airmen who crashed over Yugoslavia in 1944-45, and fought the German occupiers.
by metallicism February 18, 2011
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Chetniks were the Serbian nationalist guerrilla force that formed during the second worls war to resist Axis invaders and Croatian collaborators but that primarily fought Tito's Communist guerrillas, the Partisans. The chetniks were first organized in Bosnia. Other bands developed in Montenegro, Herzegovina and Dalmatia, but the most important was the one based in Serbia. The Chetniks were on the allied side and helped resist German advancment through Yugoslavia.
The Chetniks rescued some 500 U.S. airmen who crashed over Yugoslavia in 1944-45. It's a shame how the truth about World War II MIAs has Still been covered up after all these years.
by CrnaStrela September 08, 2005
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inbred piece of no good shit

who backstabbed his people and raped his mother, then his son and daughter, all whilst managing to fuck his dog.. the biggest piece of shit, ever in history, the biggest piece of shit there ever will be!! NO GOOD PIGS!!
1942, chetnik is bored so he goes and fucks his son and daughter! thn he comits genocide like a backstabing sranje he is

cause he is such a piece of shit
by blkjk3432 September 01, 2008
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A chetnik or shitnik is the Serbian version of a queer cowboy. Those are armed and dangerous individuals who are not only NOT feared by, but worshipped as demigods by the backward state of Serbia.
You can recognize a shitnik or chetnik by their unshaved neckbeards, poor hygiene, guns and the stench that can be felt through 12 feet of concrete.

They are a testament to what happens when you sell guns to semi-retarded internet boys who think that living in their mom's backyard and lighting sh*t on fire helps their country.
- Hey I saw Bojan yesterday, he hadn't shaved in weeks, smelled like crapshit and had a gun on him.

- Yeah, he is a full-fledged chetnik now. I wonder what will happen to him in 5-10 years since he dropped out of university.

- He'll probably become a janitor at a gas station and blame the Americans/Europeans for his pathetic failures.

- LOL typical shitnik.
by Yugociganija November 04, 2012
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