Chennai is the capital of Tamilnad -India
Chennai is a Famous Indian City and changed from Madras
by K.R.Varadan November 8, 2005
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One of the most conservative cities in India.
If embracing modernism without losing out on India's core values and radiant culture is conservative, SO BE IT.

As in all parts of the world, men scratch their balls, except they do it in a Lungi (or would you like me to call it a KILT) and women apply "yellow powder" (turmeric, to be more precise) and pin flowers on their hair (instead of throwing on a fragrance by Gucci and ironing their hair until it falls off)

The sewage does not overflow on streets, btw. Water logging due to rains is an issue. What does seem to overflow though is the presence of ignorant fools who seem to be posting irrelevant nonsense on websites. ;)

Like in most renowned cities, in Chennai too the traffic snarls. If one has been to NYC, Dubai or HK they'd quit complaining and know what REAL traffic is.

"North Indians" migrated to Chennai for God-knows-what reason. They're as welcome to leave as they are to stay. No one killed anyone, btw.

Unfortunately, it is a hub to LTTE. But so is Mumbai to Dawood Ibrahim and Bangalore to Tarakari Khaleel.

One of the major IT/BPO outsourcing destination, the next time you call tech support and hear a polite and patient person (who may not speak perfect English, but sure as hell wouldn't try putting up an accent) and is willing to answer all your questions, you know where to find him/her.

Chennai is wasting so much of its time housing ignorant fools and morons (who lived there for 6 years). ;)

Chennai is a beautiful city.
My friend, Susan, lives in Chennai.
by ilovechennai March 17, 2011
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A beautiful gentle hearted girl who has been through hell and still remains shining bright. The type of girl who you would become hooked on and she wouldn't understand why. She struggles to see her beauty and is often found beating herself up over small things. Chennais are a special type of girl who is often referred to as the typical babygirl type. She is hard to find and often hard to keep. Her independent spirit often wants to fly away and struggles if shackled to the ground. She works hard to make others happy with out thinking of herself.
Person 1: Wow I met a girl who is so strong considering what she dealt with!
Person 2: You have met a legendary Chennai, my friend.
by Bubbleteaboo December 6, 2020
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I am worth paying a little additional. I am a reward just for you. When you seek hiring a lovely woman for a total night of fun, you need to select me up.
I am Chennai girls worth paying a little additional. I am a reward just for you. When you seek hiring a lovely woman for a total night of fun, you need to select me up.
by Sofeeyaa July 14, 2021
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Most consistent team in IPL with most win percentage and with a mastermind as its single captain for the past 12 years. With 10 knockouts, 8 finals they are the best when it comes to consistency. The team with highest fanbase all over india.
IPL is a league where 7 teams fight against each other to play against CSK in the Finals. Chennai super kings.....
by RKSK September 16, 2020
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The only team which is jealous of Mumbai Indians. They were banned by bcci for two years but doesn't accept they are bigger fixers.

Kalo mat barabari karo.
Chennai super kings team is the biggest fixers of ipl
by Andrew 1022 April 9, 2021
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