meaning ' evangelic' in Kurdish

He is a kind boy. someone who can always find a way to make you smile, even though you're feeling down.

Extremely funny and popular, known by all.
he is loyal, understanding, and creative. karo have great personality’s with their good energy. They keep a lot to themselves and don’t like germs. With there contagious laughter and smile everyone wants to be around them all the time.
karo xan, kak karo
by kurd boy August 18, 2018
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A sexy little girl that goes by the name of Karo. (full Karolina)
Daaaaaaaaaaayyyuuummmm did you see what Karo was wearing? Mmm-mmm-mmm
by Karo ;] August 26, 2003
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Fake lean or codeine promethazine (any random liquid in a medicine bottle)
I got karoed the other day and never buying it again.
by oldirtybastard2000 December 10, 2020
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Strong beast the everyone is scared of
Did u see karo fight that kid the other day
by Michal April 2, 2018
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Karo is a really nice girl , although she behaves really crazy , yhh she can be annoying and she has dangerous mood swings , but out of those flaws she is really a blessing if you are dating her u would be inlove because she is God given

She has a high hopes and she believes in her dreams , when she wants someone she will get

But karo is really fruity and you can never understand her sexuality
Have a girl named karo and you would love it
Girl 1. Hey whos that girl

Girl 2 oh she's just karo
by Elenora maris November 25, 2021
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Karos will take ur girl

Karos is coming for Addison Rae
by Karos May 31, 2020
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