meaning ' evangelic' in Kurdish

He is a kind boy. someone who can always find a way to make you smile, even though you're feeling down.

Extremely funny and popular, known by all.
he is loyal, understanding, and creative. karo have great personality’s with their good energy. They keep a lot to themselves and don’t like germs. With there contagious laughter and smile everyone wants to be around them all the time.
karo xan, kak karo
by kurd boy August 18, 2018
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A sexy little girl that goes by the name of Karo. (full Karolina)
Daaaaaaaaaaayyyuuummmm did you see what Karo was wearing? Mmm-mmm-mmm
by Karo ;] August 26, 2003
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A homosexual who thinks he's god but in fact, he's one load his mom should have swallowed.

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Karo is a douche bag.
by J July 11, 2004
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