A common slang word found in London used by teenagers and youths, being the act of cutting something or at someone in an aggressive manner.
Hey bruv, gimme your money or i'll chef you up
by A Divine Being April 16, 2018
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Noun: An affectionate name given to a close or intimate companion, friend or mate.
Paul "hey chef"

Scott "hi chef, how are you?"

Paul "good thanks chef"
by tigerw00ds May 01, 2011
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Chef is the only official "voice" of the app iFunny. He administers the app and keeps peace for the most part, but has been hated on a lot in the past due to adding crappy updates to iFunny. People also think for some reason that Chef controls the iFunny "features", and hate him for exclusively choosing popular users to be featured.
"Man, I can't believe Chef deleted my comment!"
by Ehlluminati March 23, 2015
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Used as an adjective to describe incredibly good looking food. Especially stoner type foods.
Dude, those fruity pebble rice crispy treats are chef as fuck!

Will you make some more of those chef dorito nachos?
by Horseatincorn June 29, 2015
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He who makes it his buisiness to roll procure weed, and roll a joint with care and profesionalism shall earn the title of Chef.
by Lorenzo Agogo February 27, 2009
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One who cooks up extreme lies by spicing up the situation or truth.
Damn i got 10 chicks naked at my house right now. Stop lying you're such a chef!
by P_hil January 28, 2008
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