HI I'm a chef, lets cook some croissants on the cooker. i.e seb's mum
by chef5656 January 11, 2015
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In the endz a chef is another word for a knife or for stabbing someome. Similar to the word shank it can used as a verb or a noun.
Yute 1 : yo bruv is that a knife in your sock
Yute 2 : yeh bro , it’s my new chef

β€œI’ll chef man if u chat shit about my mum”
by Big chef Donny May 08, 2019
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Chef is slang for a knife in the uk
"Yo want man to draw for his chef pussy boi"
by Skeng man g4ng March 26, 2018
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I'm inventing a new definition for a word.

Chef (verb): ignoring years worth of offensive material until the material offends you.
Point of origin: Issac Hayes (Chef) ragequit South Park after nine years when they turned their attention to Scientology, which he practiced at the time.
Example: "I made eight Holocaust jokes last week, and you said nothing. I ask one midget to sing 'The Lollipop Guild,' and NOW I'm offensive? Did you just chef me, bro?"
by Tucker Anne September 03, 2017
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The state of being so good at something you insult others with just your presence, actions, or words etc.
1.Its always when Anne enters the marathons that even sponsors get angry with how much of a chef she really is.

2.Did you hear? You've become hella chef dude.

I know, it's only a matter of time that the other schools begin to fear me.
via giphy
by TheDankerBanker February 21, 2016
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a young young boy that has troubles learning that as a Afro and sucks a squads
why are you such a chef
by descpacito12345 May 16, 2018
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a slang / roadman dialect term commonly used in London, especially south London, as a synonym for stab.
Roadman 1: Remember Darnell? Yeah, apprarently he's in jail
Roadman 2: Rahhh since when? Darnell's my guy, he'd never do anything wrong. I know it fam.
Roadman 1: Nah g, apparently pigs caught him tryna chef a man after some beef. They said he was bare vexed g, mad innit
Roadman 2: Can't believe it bro, that's crazy
by that_roadman May 14, 2019
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