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a great big smile. Very happy. Excited or proud.
Emotionally delighted by something, I was just cheezin.
by CJ_Perry May 11, 2006
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When someone is smiling for an extended period of time, in most cases nothing was even funny and the person is standing by themselves looking like they are saying cheeze or "cheezin" for a picture.
Sean- Yo, look at Floyd over there cheezin
Tom- I know, i hate that kid, hes such a loser, he chills by himself and just smiles for no fucking reason
by yungg carterr December 10, 2008
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To cheat in a video game using the same moves or special ability over and over to win or gain an unfair advantage
Cmon bro you keep cheezin with the same move, thats the only reason you beat me.
by i..NiteshadE..i July 18, 2011
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Another way for black people to say someone is smiling, but really it was made because when black people smile with their teeth it looks like cheese because they have stinky dirty fucking monchers that are OH so vibrant when they smile.
Do you see that NIGGA be cheezin his dicksauce?
by 908 Projectile March 06, 2010
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It means to hang out or to chill, and can also mean being lazy.
*edward calls up his friend jeremy
edward:"watcha doin"
jeremy:"u know,chill'in"
edward:"yea but, we have a test tomorow at school"
jeremy:"i dont feel like studying today"
edward:"this is the most important test this year at school"
*edward hangs up
by Eaiden November 07, 2007
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