Favorite food of lolcats. They often ask for it for whatever reason they can imagine. Especially when they are hungry. Or thirsty. Or cute. Or whatever.
I has been gud kittn now I can has cheezburger plz kthxbye? ^. .^
by Np237 August 14, 2007
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cheezburger (verb): To show a total disregard for the opinions of your fanbase in the interest of making a quick buck.
That chink totally cheezburgered his website.
by Ben Hoe August 25, 2012
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Meme speak for cheeseburger. Often used in a certain cat meme.
"Can I haz cheezburger?"
"Haha, yeah, you can 'haz cheezburger'."
by Lazy Hazy February 19, 2020
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(verb form) to turn a photo into a lolcat-style image
Oh, that looks just like Monorail Cat! Quick, cheezburger it so you can jump on the bandwagon!
by Yet Another Josh Cohen January 14, 2008
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said of a communication so riddled with lolspeak, it's almost unintelligible.
New Msg: "oh hai thar, boo. wez can has cyut kitteh?"

"What? That text was so cheezburgered up, I couldn't make sense of it."
by deejessicajane August 12, 2009
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