Online usage of the word "kitty" or "cat". Found most often in the context of lolspeak, or in the anthropomorphism of cats in pictures and other media.
OMG I wanna pet teh kitteh!
by kittehz September 10, 2007
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Canadian Kitten. KITT'EH.
What an adorable kitteh !
by CanadianCatLover August 17, 2012
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1)online word for cat/kitten

2)Todd's defintion/word for a cat/kitten
NDRulEz:ligers are cool
KeaNeRulez:i like kittehs
by Rebecca Jones April 18, 2005
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a word normally used to replace the word "kitty" on perhaps "kitten." normally used in online talk or idiots who spend to much time on the computer and need to loose 200 pounds
Bryn: OMG l00k 4t teh kitteh 'es so cut3!!
Bastian: get a life.
by Bastian Cann June 3, 2008
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a fricken adorable cat or kitten that you find and love but have to leave it
I love you kitteh!! but we have to part...
by kat13734879 January 3, 2011
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An especially cute and playful kitten.
My family just got a new cat, such a cute and playful kitteh.
by The Fat Batman October 14, 2011
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Kiy-tii v.
1. To win, or to succeed.
2. to attract large numbers
Kitteh... yeah...
by PossumCuber February 13, 2010
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