A fictional brand of cheese-flavoured snack, eaten by South Park kid Eric Cartman.
by Mad Walrus August 7, 2002
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Any puffed grain snack which is flavored like cheese, such as Cheet-o's, but in particular various generic "Cheese Puffs" which are round and.. poofy.

(as a matter of fact, my sister used this term a lot before southpark was launched.)
Dude, after smoking that hash, I sure could use some cheesy poofs.
by zoey April 11, 2004
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A ghastly robotics team in which NASA over-helps students build a damn good bot. They cheat.
The cheesy poofs are a team from San Jose, California, in which NASA engineeres do all of the building.
by Woodie Flowers January 11, 2004
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A previously kickass FIRST Robotics team that this year has become evil by joining the dastardly Bionic Bulldogs.
by Dean Kamen October 12, 2003
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a ball of puffed cheese, like a cheeto.
Cartman loves his cheesy poofs and would do anything for them!
I want my Cheesy Poofs!!!-cartman
by suckafish March 14, 2004
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A delicious appetizer found at the Blue Coyote at Squaw Valley consisting of macaroni and cheese fried to produce a delectable triangular morsel of cheesy goodness. Goes great with ranch and honey mustard.
Customer: Yeah, can I have an order of Cheesy Poofs?
Waiter: Hellz yes my new found friend. You may most certainly delve into the realm of fried cheesy greatness!
by ShottyUnoDosFajitas June 30, 2010
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The gloriously orange dust that coats one's fingers after enjoying some Cheesy Poof action
"Shaniqua was head to toe Cheesy Poof-dust..Girlfriend loves her Cheesy Poofs"

"Eat my Cheesy Poof-dust" ...
by UndercoverOrca March 5, 2016
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