3 definitions by suckafish

Beautiful girl who makes me soooo happy, the best thing that has ever happened to me, someone who will always be there for you, the best girlfriend in the universe!
I Love Amee Sooooooo Much!
Will you always be my girl?
by suckafish March 14, 2004
a ball of puffed cheese, like a cheeto.
Cartman loves his cheesy poofs and would do anything for them!
I want my Cheesy Poofs!!!-cartman
by suckafish March 14, 2004
1. what you say to someone when you want them to pay up

2. a badass song by no cash
run your fuckin pockets and pay me (im the motherfuckin)
god of you sick zombies so lay me (with the motherfuckin)
strength of 1,000 sweatshops and counting (run your motherfuckin)
pockets give me all you got start counting...
by suckafish March 20, 2005