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clickety clank clack of glasses in union, most commonly to refer to beer mugs raised in celebration
1) William Gilliam heard the score over the noise of, 31-25, the Packers had outlasted the Steelers and the trophy was won. He spilt nearly half of his Budweiser when he cheersed his glass with Pat's
2) Carl Meyer heard the news that the revolution had caused the abdication of Gaddafi and the instatement of a democracy. In his elation he cheersed milk glasses with his father over the dinner table!
3) Matthew Domino Trudeau wasn't sure if anyone had used the word cheersed before, and in the end he missed out on an interesting example. he doesn't believe in magic!
4) David Stanbery was sitting in his burrow in Hobbiton, drinking finely brewed mead with his dwarf friends when he heard that Frodo had returned safely from his quest. he cheersed with all of them in sprightly delight
5) I was walking down the road one day and Mike Myra popped up out of nowhere... he muttered unintelligibly, "fdfd gubble dibble pub crawl shibble womp" and smacked me across the face lovingly. he forced a silver cup he apparently stole from an Irish Pub called "Sullivan's" (as was etched on the side) and poured a glass of whiskey, he then cheersed me with his knuckle and drank an imaginary one while I sipped down what he'd given to me. we burped in unison and he was off on his merry way, conspicuously peeing himself as he strode along.
by patthecat April 05, 2011
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To point your fist at someone, usually their face, whilst covering most of your thumb until only the top is showing, after they have done and/or said something different.
What he said was so stupid, so i just cheersed him.
by (=========3 lol June 17, 2011
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cheersed is a term to describe something hectic. it is usually used when referring to something that your about to do or if someone says something sick!!! the word can also refer to drugs when they are eaten .. so cheersed braaaa
lets get those LV's tonight they would be so cheersed..
or mate that's cheersed i wanna romp it or just CHEERSED!
by tim berland October 24, 2010
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