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A term that some american douchebags say to make themselves sound more interesting. This term is abused too much and needs to stop. It is NOT to be used to close a statement, paragraph, as a cocky remark, or in place of "thank you" every time a simple "thank you/thanks" is in order. It is to be used when doing a toast with an alcoholic beverage or ONLY if you are from the uk or australia.

Valet: “here u go sir, here are your keys”
Retard: “oh, cheers man!”
Hi Karen, just wanted to tell you it was a such a pleasure meeting you the other night but the look on your face told me that you might not feel the same way. I hope that this is not so because I would like to meet again sometime very soon. Please let me know.
Asswad Douchedorkinson
by thesouthernbelle May 14, 2008

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