A state of exhilaration experienced by a cyclist (though not necessarily in connection with cycling). (Very much like stoked for surfers and snowboarders.)
Dude, I am totally spoked!
Get spoked!
I'm feeling the spoke.
by McDonja April 20, 2015
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term used describe an excited, happy, musical feeling of hotness; refers to the all female a cappella group The Spokes; related words: spokin, spoke, spokie, spokeness, spoked-out.
1. I am so SPOKED for this show!
2. That song wasn't just good, it was SPOKIN.
3. I am a Spoke, therefore I am hot.
by j-pugh February 04, 2007
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To pleasure a lady with your hand using a Mork and Mindy nanu nanu hand style gesture.
I have her a good spoking last night
by studleymoore January 14, 2010
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Agreeing with something said. Used generally as a response to something you find right.
"Dude that test sucked"
"Yeah you spoke"
by qwertypirate March 01, 2014
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What's up spoke ?

Me and my spoke were rolling through town in the six four.
by Matthew C. Paige November 13, 2007
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When a man goes to prison he has 60 spokes when he gets out he has 2
by WOODENBRO May 07, 2019
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what a girl has on her a**hole BEFORE its penetrated.
If she has all of her spokes left that means she's never had anal penetration.
by Jay January 18, 2004
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