I'll just give the definition of rich, middle class and poor kid.

Rich kid: A kid who gets everything they want, their parents have good jobs, has a good life and has a lot of expensive things. Their parents generally fall into the upper middle class/lower upper class or the upper class.

Middle class kid: A kid who has some things, their parents have decent jobs, they have a good life and has a lot of average priced things.

Poor kid: A kid who doesn't have a lot, their parents may have a low paying job or no job, they have a decent life and doesn't have very much.
Rich kid: My parents bought me a hoverboard and a $300 pair of beats! Damn straight.

Middle class kid: Lucky!

Poor kid: GOOD FOR YOU
by Adolescence April 19, 2017
a fagit loser who gets everything and thinks that if there boy friend dumps them or if they can't go shoping they melt down and bitch and moan about how unlucky they are! And when they see the 'O7 Bentleys or Porshes they just "HAVE TO HAVE" and they roll into school the year after the '06 Bentleys come out
by AJB1945 May 4, 2007
A stupid bitch that acts cool around his friends but no one gives 2 fucks about him.
Danny-Yo angel check out the drip

Angel-What a rich kid
by BigBoyDamian January 25, 2020
a person by the name of Shawn who owns lots of shoes and supreme clothing wear. He has a fat wallet.
I wish I was a rich kid like Shawn
by richkidsofamerica April 22, 2019
A kid like myself that gets whatever he wants with just one phone call to his Daddy. His parents are very successful and he just like to use his American Express Black Card to go shopping. For his 16th birthday he gets a Mercedes and crashes it the first day he gets it. Has the hottest cloths such as Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Burberry ect. Treats his parents and friends badly because he thinks that he i better than everone else. Has 3 cell phones (Razr, enV, Palm Treo) for who knows reason. Has the Abercrombie looks and the Paris Hilton brains.
by TayTay5 December 24, 2007
Young people or young adults pampered beyond the point where they realise they are lucky; fully expectant of an idle life of luxury and not aware that some people have to work. Think that washing up or cleaning the house is something that a personal assistant is for. Unaware that there are poor people in the world. Money is something that arrives for unknown reasons in large amounts every month in one's bank account.
Super-wealthy international jetset kids, trustfunded grandchildren of banking families, etc.
by James William May 18, 2005
A bunch of kids whose allowance exceeds my rent. They all drive nice little cars and eat at Moe's and don't have lives or futures besides living off daddy. They all look like a Pac Sun catalog. And they can afford to be a bunch of dressed up fucking rats.
The rich kids are fucking lounging in daddy's fucking mansion.
by Jam December 1, 2004