To have sexual intercourse with a girl.
SYNONYMS: beat it up, stick it to her, chuck your junk in her
We were down 38-3 at halftime so I decided to throw in the towel on the game and chuck it in Melissa under the bleachers instead.
by Nick D July 4, 2004
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To have sexual intercourse with a girl. Can be shortened to chuck it in her.
Megan: "How are you and Hillary doing?"
Chad: "Last night I told her I wanted to beat it up, but then she freaked out and bounced for some reason. She probably was just afraid that I might knock her up if I chucked my junk in her. She was bitching and shit but I didn't really hear what she said because I wasn't listening."
Megan: "Wow, you're such a sensitive guy. I can't imagine why she left you."
by Nick D July 6, 2004
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Sometime there's a girl who you don't want a relationship with but she's into you.

This is the perfect time to buck her and chuck her.

You can have sex with her once, or multiple times, but you have to chuck her the second it isn't fun for you anymore. (you must not care about her at all)

If she's super sexy, don't chuck her. Just keep buckin'
yo Pete, she's not a keeper, just buck her and chuck her
by Pizzile 2 July 22, 2011
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To (prospectively) have penetrative sex with a female.

Possibly of Australian origin, this jocular euphemism for sexual intercourse is typically used by men discussing the attractiveness of a specific (but non-present) woman.

The phrase may be a derivation of the derogatory joke "She's so loose, it was like chucking a chipolata up the high street" in which the male speaker not only slanders the large size of the female subject's vagina, but also disparages the size of his own penis.
"That Helen Mirren's hot for a mature lady."
"Damn right mate, I'd chuck one up her!"
by Cat Dander August 29, 2017
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