when something supersedes the previous mention of a fact.
Jeffy: Damn bro we better head out before it starts raining.

Justin: Facts b, not finna be caught in this rain

Jeffy: Yo cover your food with a lid that joints' gonna get wet!

Justin: wow big facts bro good lookin'
by Baronet September 20, 2018
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Him: Is she a hoe bro?
Me: Yea she is dead ass word to my muva Big Facts #BigFacts
Him: Say no more! Im lit.
by OsoAuzzie August 24, 2016
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This phrase is used after a list of true statements is given. Especially if the information is crucial, new, or game-changing or revelations are revealed. The speaker must be confident and speaks authoritatively.

(Do not confuse with Big Fags, enunciation is essential)
"Don't question my street status. I grew up East side Atlanta. Zone 6. I was raised in the streets. Been trappin. Been outside the corner store. I'm good on any MLK boulevard. Big Facts!
by Baby Ben Dover October 16, 2020
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A phrase you use when someone says something you agree with
Guy 1: Hillary Clinton is such a cunt!

Guy 2: Big Facts
by Chettywap January 19, 2018
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Literally The Same Definition Of Facts But 10 Times More Factual.
6ix9ine: Yo Trippie You a Dummy!

Trippie Redd: And you a fucking pedophile and that's Big Boi Facts!

6ix9ine: (TRIGGERED)
by TrillaTrae September 12, 2018
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noun: A fact so true that it makes a man as happy as though he were gazing into a pair of big ole tiddies.

See: The truth (Law)
Person 1: “Donald Trump is the third president to ever be Impeached in U.S. History.”

Person 2: “That’s Big Ole Tiddy Facts right there.”
by The Sincere Sensation April 19, 2020
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