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A client-side anticheat revolving around three things:
The FEAR of finally having a client-side anti-cheat.
A retarded coding language.
Renamed/re branded OCMC.

Many youtubers and pvpers FEAR the words "CheatBreaker", why?
The answer is simply because no one thought a 'viable' client-side anti-cheat would see the light of day for a fucking block game.

However the actual anti-cheat is a joke, It's a custom launcher coded in Electron (oh god, it's coded in Javascript because it's cross-platform.) The only attractions of this "anti-cheat" is the UNBYPASSABLE driver (that isn't even completed or used by white-listed users), and the "proof" that you don't cheat.

All in all this anti-cheat is a custom launcher with one line of defense and a branded Minecraft version that has memory in different locations. Stop jerking off over this twelvies.
Guy 1: He's legit!
Guy 2: We'll see when CheatBreaker comes out
Guy 3: Kind of strange that he is quitting when CheatBreaker is coming out soon.
by thehollowedone June 20, 2017
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A Client side anticheat to prevent kids from cheating a block game called minecraft with mods like togglesprint keystrokes cps blablablah
He's using cheatbreaker on minehq, he totally legit!
by SuperCOOL1000Punk June 21, 2018
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A minecraft client that will never be released for the normal fucking people
The client CheatBreaker is so good but no one can use it
by Kawico May 22, 2018
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