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Old Chinese Men Collection - a underground hobby, similar to pokemon but with old chinese men.
Where abouts this dark hobby is practiced cannot be pinpointed although there are some underground clubs nearby where you might trade a Jang Lee for a Ho Chou Choo. Little is known about how the OCM battle although beards and sticks are known to be used.
Reports of executions of trainers and OCM are surfacing, because of fraud. Some OCM are actully of japanese or tibet decent and some have natural black hair- a sure sign of an imperfection in a OCM.
How long this underground phase will continue, or how the authorities will deal with this threat on the black market, is unknown.
Some identities of the OCM are available

Chi Chan
chin Tu fat
Ching wang Fung
Chow tang tao
Chung Ti
Clo Sai
Fat Po
Fung Chao
Hai Lin
Ho Chi
Ho chou choo
How Hi
Hung Lo
Jang Lee
Long Sao
Lung Pee
Pang Lang
Pang Long
Pong Ping
Shin Fai
Ting lao

A typical battle might go like this-

"Pang Lang, use your beard attack!"
"Fat Po, use body slam!"
by OCM hardcore collector January 25, 2004
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