The player of the century he can bed any girl he wants he just hast 2 look at a girl and they want him
chazz is a hott pimp
by lilpimp32342 April 11, 2004
'you wish you were a chazz' or 'damnn she is such a chazz'
by chazzg December 26, 2008
a guy who you can fall in love with instantly. but dont be fooled. he will hurt you and ignore you and when the time comes, he'll leave you heartbroken. if you ever date a chazz, be careful.
chazz is sooo cute but i heard he broke her heart
by u.r .m.o.m.m.y November 3, 2018
person 1: oh is that chazz
person 2: yeah he's eating nandos it has to be
by yeahwhatever23 January 7, 2019
when the someone cums it is an act of chazzin,
"what is that? did someone chazz on your face?"
"ooooooh your gonna make me chazz"
by margarita January 22, 2004
Strange, humanoid mouse creature notorious for his obscure angles and genuinely rhetorical questons.
"Mad dumb, Chazz."
by Biglet D December 16, 2005
When someone totally crusts out your banger or nail,and basicly wrecks your quartz.....
Goddamnit Randy,you Chazzed my new Quave banger.....
by Joe Khaos October 18, 2018