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Similar to it's slow you don't want to do something, or something isn't worth your time or energy. A smart ass way to say no.
Ex 1:
Me: It's quiet for school tomorrow. I don't want to see all those dickheads.

Ex 2:

Adrian: Yo, can I barrow 10 dollars?

Eric: It's quiet for you, bro.
by La'shonda . January 16, 2012
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something you say when some1 else says or mentions something you dont want to do or dont like or care for.

2.) you can say this when

1. some1 asks you to go somewhere

2. when you want to say that your not going somewhere or doing something
jake: can you come to the store with me
Mike: im kinda tired it depends wat store.
Jake: its 5 blocks away
Mike: 5 Blocks??!!? Its quiet (or "its quiet for that")

2.) lora: i heard your Ex is gonna be at that party tonight

May: ohhh! its quiet for that party...i do NOT want to see him
by @curve2luv_aug17 August 14, 2010
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