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Andrew: "what are you up to?"
Michael: "oh, I'm just chauncing."


Steven: "what's going on?"
Michael: "just currently chauncing @ level 58"
by hellobethie January 15, 2009
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To chill or hang out in an extreme fashion/ Doing your own thang.
Don't kill the cockroach! He's just chauncing over there.
What you gonna do this weekend? "Proabably just chaunce over at Mike's."
by JSniper1018 October 13, 2018
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Chauncing, (pronounced chawn-sing) is the state of being in between a persons activities,or idle, as an answer to a question such as, "Whatcha Doin'?"
"Oh, I'm just chauncing..."
by Yelnats June 05, 2008
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