Early use of the word chate (late 1980's) had two meanings: 1st— it was meant to imply the person being called chate looked like a rocker or a stoner. 2nd—it also meant being ripped-off.
Early meaning(mid 1980's):
That guy likes Iron Maiden, what a chate (or chater).
Check out the hair on that dude, it's so chate
That's not a gram, what a chate deal, I was chated.
by Taylor Hood November 2, 2007
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(noun): A little-known fruit whose makeup is a cross between starfruit and cantaloupe.
That chate was most delicious! Could I bother you for another?

Tim's discount chates are for the birds!

The chate is a beautiful fruit.
by hepupepit August 12, 2009
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chate is to cock a cunt is to pussy.
used almost eexclusively in the tayside area of scotland, forms part of our unique regional slang, like using the word moich or shannis.

people from Alyth are scum.
show us your chate.
get to fuck y chate
by mad rab September 15, 2007
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When you've finished eating, put your chates in the bin.
by NOAHNATAWL October 12, 2011
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Lame, cheap. Late 90's skater slang.
"That dealer gave me a chate count."
by Razi March 6, 2003
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1) Something really sucking ass or extremly gay
2) A term used for soemthing being very lame
Bill " hey you know whos really chate"
Paul "who, sabrina"
Bill "yeah!! i was thinkin the same thing awe thats so cute"
Paul "woah man that was some chate shit right there, kinda liek that aislin chick kinda chate you know?"
Bill "yeah man i agree!"
by Paul Goodman January 1, 2006
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"I just got so chated by that guy. He said he wouldn't drive me there even though he's going the same way!"
by swagzrte February 25, 2015
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