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Originated in Oakville, "Chate" roughly describes a shitty deal or coming up short. The word's namesake was a student at OTHS (Oakville-Trafalgar Highschool) who was known to short-change you when dealing marijuana. It's primarily used by Oakvillians from the east side of town.
Hey man, you owe me $100. Don't be chate on me.

This party is so chate, let's bust out of here.
by BetterThanYouThink June 19, 2006
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It can be describing a shitty(bad) situation in the maximum and minimum degree. A situation being a person, place, thing or event.
My roomate Dan is chate!
Oakville is chate!
Rollerblades are chate!
Exams are chate!
by jonnyV April 15, 2004
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The word has come to mean something crappy, or a bad deal (usually for drugs). Originally, it was a guys name. I only met him twice, but it came from guys on his hockey team. His last name was Chater. If you fucked up, you were pulling a chater. It was most often shortened to chate. It then came to be used so much that it was a noun, a verb, and an adjective. Especially if you're from Oakville, read this: nationalpost/news/story.html ?id=4e8a527c-367f-41cb -8b3f-4e6a9ec5205f&k=30372
you'll have to take out the spaces, it's worth it, you will be ROTFLYFAO
Oakville dude 1: Let's go to the house party
Oakville dude 2: I heard it's pretty chate
Oakville dude 1: Shut it chater, let's book
by John Chate 28 March 30, 2008
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To get ripped off, punked off, back stabbed or just simply chated out
KC is a chate bastard
His counts are chate
d's for $10 was chate
by Bersky May 04, 2005
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Chate, if you're from oakville, you have used or heard this word.
Oakville trafalgar high school attendee 1: Man that guy just ripped me off!

Oakville trafalgar high school attendee 2: What a chate bastard.
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losing the game was really chate
i got chated out on my fries
dont be chate, give me my face back
by Steve March 26, 2004
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