a word that describes something bad

people seem to think that this word is from oakville but no one here actually says it AT ALL
urban dictionary people: yo chate was made in oakville
oakville kid: no it wasnt. i dont even know what chate means
by oakvilleperson August 22, 2006
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The absolute, positively worst person, place or thing. The word is slang developed in Oakville, Ontairo. It is used roughly in every fifth sentence per group of teenage guys.

~This definition contains the intresting calculations for chate aswell as a fairly long story about it's orgin if you scroll further down =D

This mathematical equasion should show just how commonly the word is used this.

>Approx. 12-16 males = 1 200 000
>Approx. 7 Kids per group makes...
1 200 000/7 = Aprrox. 171 000 groups
>With Approx. 1 Sentence said every 20 seconds.
Chate will be said every 1 minute and 40 seconds or roughly 42 times per hour.
42 x 171 000
>Chate aprrox. is said 7 182 000 times per hour, 172 368 000 times per day and 62 914 320 000 times per year.
>Because groups aren't always And are ussaly only together 4 hours per day we can come to a final conclusion.

Chate is said 7 182 000 times per hour, 28 728 000 times per day and a grand total of 10 485 720 000. Roughly an astounding 10.5 BILLION times per year.

There is a myth about a boy named chate and this is believed by some people to be the true orgin of the word. This long and gruesome story may hopefully affend some readers.
~The Story of Chate~
There once lived a young boy whose named was Chate Willams. He was to live an awful horrible life, and die an awful horrible death. He had pasty, ghost white skin and thin black hair. No one knows much more of his face, as some say he was without a face at all. On the day of his birth his parents rushed young Chate to the hospital. His parents had lived on easy street ever since they won a small fortune of some 200000$ during their honeymoon, they even had a small pendant made of 24 karat gold with the name "Chate" ingraved on it. They had picked a name suitable for a boy or girl but really was appropriate for niether.
During their rush to the hospital they were side swiped buy a large black van. They spun out and under a semi-truck that tore through the roof of the car shredding the head off of Mr.Willams. The mrs still in back seat fearing for her and Chate's lives had been impaled through her right shoulder by a large piece of shredded roof. She had been ducked down, safe, dueing breathing exercises. As she stared deeply at the cracked bone , the singed flesh and blood slowly dripping off her arm she began to black out. Only to be jolted back by the sound of the jaws of life ripping through the torn apart car. She was rushed to the hospital but the baby was delivered in the ambulance and as did the mother die.
Chate was taken into an orphanage after his time in the hospital. As he aged he was disliked by the other children and even when he began going to school his only friend was a small, weak, old black dog. Chate understood that dog's didn't live long and that he would without doubt out last his only friend. But he still cherished his time with the dog. Although when he thought of out living his dog, he thought that it would die of natural causes. Sadly the dog was killed in a cruel fire by a certain "bully" that treated Chate worse then any human deserves to be treated. The reason for the fire was that, rather thn the classic prank of lighting fecial matter on fire and leaving on someones doorstep as you ring the door bell and run away they figured it'd be easier to use the, as they called it, "the chate dog". The bully and his friends were supposebly the first people to use the word chate as an adjective. Later in a struggle , against the bully, Chate would receive his first stab wound, but certainly not his last.
Chate hated school for 1001 reasons. He always seemed to have the worst teachers. the ones that require an hour of homework or studies from you each night, Chate never did see himself going anywhere in his life but somehow he would make it through all of his elemntary years and he had the smarts to make his way through high school years aswell. Yet he would always be lacking something deep inside that he thought nothing would replace. It could've been love but needless to say he wasn't exactly friendly with the ladies.
Life went on rapididly decreasing for him. He was nearing death from the cancer they hadn't found. Only 15 at this time. Chate spent many hours inside alone in his room. His orphanage had a room for young children , a room for older boys and another for girls, but then, there was a room for Chate. No windows only walls, a bed, a door, a small dresser for the black clothing he wore , and with money he "earned" begging for change, a knife to sit apon his black filled dresser. He would often cut his arms and legs as a way of leting out the pain. Some would say he was an everyday "emo" or emotional child but if he cried it wasn't for any pussy reason, it would be for the beatings he recived, the dirty looks from miscilanious people on the street, and of course the death of his parents.
You would think that with his luck , his only mistake was being born. Never the less he made a much worse mistake. Wasting his rar AB R- blood by cutting himself was his real big mistake. The cancer was discovered during the rare checkup the orphan kids were to under go.Chate was 16 at the time. The operation was scheduled and Chate would meet his end there due too an error causing substantial blood loss he could not afford. But one month prior to the operation Chate sold may of his belonings made all the money he could to dig a grave and buy a tomb. During his final days he put up no fight against what would probably be his imminent death. He simplay sat in his hole in the ground that he'd dug in a near by cemetary watching the people pass. Some simply picked up the pace to get away, but most others stopped and watched back . The grave stone sat behind him with the name Chate chipped in. Chate also wrote a small biography of what he knew about himself which he gave to Grave Keeper. He asked him that when he was burried there that he would began to read and just wait for people to come. The entire orphanage would attend and perhaps passer byers would to.
The day came and Chate's body was picked up by a mysterious black van from the mourge. The owner had been generous to donate an expensive casket to the occasion for what seemed like no reason. Oddly many of the black trench coats and other black wears that Chate had pawned off had been purchased by people living in the area, and many of those people chose that day to wear them. Dressed for the occasion and hearing the sad sorrow words they felt sorry somehow, and joined in the ceremony. The some hundreds of people that gathered there would here the words and their heads would slowly follow the casket down into the ground. As the last of the dirt was shoveled on by voulenteers, the Grave Keeper's voice boomed "And Alas his sould may finaly rest, his mind at peace, his love, his hate, his life and death. Only in the heavens above will he finaly see the light. This young man, chate".
Those words were writte exactly in the biography by Chate, inculding his own name not capitalized. It was if he treted him self as a word or a thought, rather then a person. Suppose he's just a chate little kid that way.
by Lol Panda June 27, 2006
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someone who you really dont like, a term you use to put down another person. Also a term people use after they drive by water gun and water balloon innocent walkers on the street.
When you yell it, say bitch in a higher voice, then as you begin to say ess lower your voice eventually raising it back to the bitch part: CHATE BITCHeeeessssSSSS.
(slow down at side of road) Brendan:hey guys do you know where chiniqua lives?
Gangster: nah man, sorry
(water gun put up to window and sprayed at gangster)
by Al Denso May 28, 2005
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"You're Chate" means "You're Shit" In that, chate means shit. "You're Chate" is the most common use of the word "chate" in a phrase.
Jack, you're chate!

That shirt smells like chate!

Where's chate head? he's late for practice again.
by Alana Rachel December 15, 2007
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I was in an F4F chatroom talking with my girlfriend, but we kept getting interrupted by homophobes with their nasty chate.
by minmalsidefx2 April 1, 2013
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A female who does not want to perform sexual acts with you.
A female or man with bitch like qualities who is also a chate ass.
She did'nt want to suck my dick, what a chate bitch.
Chate bitch did'nt want to fuck.
by the buzz April 18, 2006
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