Chate, if you're from oakville, you have used or heard this word.
Oakville trafalgar high school attendee 1: Man that guy just ripped me off!

Oakville trafalgar high school attendee 2: What a chate bastard.
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losing the game was really chate
i got chated out on my fries
dont be chate, give me my face back
by Steve March 27, 2004
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Coming from a girl from Oakville (Oakville's where the word was made, you idiot!)...
Chate can mean anything you want it to mean; we use it for pretty much everything.
Mostly, though, people use the word CHATE to describe a crappy deal.
Hey man! That was so chate!
by blackblondie13 October 5, 2005
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Chatee: a person who is chatted to; i.e. the person to whom the chatter is talking. See also, listener.
She's always the chatter, never the chatee.
I tend to be more of a chatee.
by Eccedentesiast October 7, 2009
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pleasant; agreeable; satisfactory. Something nice; to describe a good mood;
This dinner looks chate and it tastes delicious!

Are you okay? Yeah i’m chate, never been better
by BigOleChateBoy April 29, 2021
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A magical person with lots of chromosomes created by god most of them named josh. You can find a chate on Facebook or any ghetto. There natural habitat it’s a swap meet or a scrap yard or there moms house. You will probably find a chate on the way to work.
You did you see that chate rat fucking bum.

That chate fuck.
by Mintytitz April 10, 2020
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Early use of the word chate (late 1980's) had two meanings: 1st— it was meant to imply the person being called chate looked like a rocker or a stoner. 2nd—it also meant being ripped-off.
Early meaning(mid 1980's):
That guy likes Iron Maiden, what a chate (or chater).
Check out the hair on that dude, it's so chate
That's not a gram, what a chate deal, I was chated.
by Taylor Hood November 2, 2007
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