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one of the best people you can meet. one of the prettiest girls around. always knows what she wants to do in life and is clear on her desicions. is very funny but can also be serious at times. is very calm and has a very quick wit. chastin's can be angery at times if provoked and will never shy away from a fight. chastin's are tough and strong and also very dependable.they are also someone you should be glad to have as your friend. chastin's also seem to be very good with men they always get the best looking guys in the school but also know who is right for them and who is not.
chastin's are also very intelligent they usually by pass all the other students grade and maturity wise.
hey did u see chastin walking down the hall.
yeah she looks good today. :)
by ghrfdddddd December 02, 2011
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chastin is a guy who will play with your emotions and break your heart. he can be a douchebag to just about any girl. he does however have a plus side. hes very hot and usually athletic. he is horrible at responding to texts and often says "i dont know"
"did you get a response from chastin yet?"
"that doesn't surprise me"
by turkeynuggetsandgravy January 21, 2019
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