The ridiculously horrible hangover from drinking chang beer, a local beer in thailand. rumored to have formaldehyde, drink this and you shall live on forever..
Holy shit my head is killing me. This is the worst changover i've had since i've been in thailand.
by leeinthailand June 4, 2007
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The groggy, bloated feeling that lingers long after eating Chinese take-out. Symptoms include headaches, egg roll flavored burps, sweet-and-sour-sauce all over the fingers, and a floating odor of pork fried rice.
Person 1: Let's just get Chinese tonight.
Person 2: You really wanna deal with that changover?
--one hour later--
Person 2: Oh god, my head...
by Hodou January 3, 2010
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Quite simply a period of roughness following on from a heavy nights abuse of the class A drug, cocaine.
Symptoms include a blocked nose, fever, headache and the feeling of regret and shame for being a complete tosser to your friends and complete strangers the night before.
Kev; "i cant come down the pub yet Trev i've still got a changover from last night"
Trev; "gutted"
by Dick M8 November 3, 2008
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The awful feeling the morning after having a massive Chinese.
JJ: I had so much chinese food last night I think my ass is going to fall out.
Josh: You've got a changover.
by JoshAD007 August 3, 2018
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When you eat too much chicken and you get a chicken hangover.
Ease up on that KFC bargin bucket mate, your gonna get a changover!
by Liv128 March 24, 2011
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When you eat way too much Chinese food.
Just ate a my weight in Fried Rice, gonna have a hell of a PF Changover tomorrow.
by BadDadJokes May 17, 2018
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When you‘ve been chatting with someone at night and both of you forgot what it was about. Tipical on snapchat and other similar platforms where messages get deleted after viewing.
Damn, yesterday I was chatting with this girl. But we forgot what it was about. What a changover.
by Frodooo April 28, 2021
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