"I don't use Gold Bond for the itch relief so much as the York Peppermint Sensation on my change purse."
by Banwa May 13, 2004
The indented area in the center of some fat women's lumbar area, between back fat below the shoulder blades and a rather shelf-like butt.
With her tight jeans giving her a muffintop that extended all the way around to her back, and wearing a tight racertop bra under a midriff baring t-shirt, her change purse was especially accentuated.
by fa_foo July 11, 2008
"I think those swim trunks ate too small, Tony. I can see your change purse!"
by Mymotherfucker247 February 14, 2018
The act of inserting one's testicles into a woman's anus, pulling them out, then inserting them into her mouth. The testicles resemble a dirty change purse or coin purse.
The other night I asked my girl if we could do the dirty change purse, and she said yes!
by Vinny Two Time July 25, 2010
not just an ordinary change purse -- it is unique, crafted by the finest mexicanos in Des Moines, IO. choc full of sentimental value and grass. hand crafted leather from the skin of a toad. made with precision and with 17 minutes of toil by the guru of southwest Des Moines. so sacred that if one shall steal or say the name of said purse, they shall be tormented with a saturday detention at...DA DA DU...DEVON PREP!
(its name must not be spoken so i will replace it with "aspiradora") TOUCH THE ASPIRADORA, AND FACE MY WRATH!
An item that is very popular on a shelf that is so coveted, it is stolen often.
I drooled over the fine craftsmanship of a mexican change purse
by Mexican Change Purse Thief April 11, 2003