To hang out and smoke pot. A combination of cheif and hang.
"tryna chang"
"After school I'm gonna chang hard as fuck"
by Soowoopchang November 03, 2011
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Chinese restaurant that is largely over priced. Though the food is good the portions are on the small side.
I'm so hittin up Changs to get some General Tso's and Kung Pao chicken.
by Rob Jones Nigga August 14, 2008
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Another term for the illegal and moorish substance Cocaine...

also can be a beer served in thailand for like 80p its unregulated from 6%-8% pot luck really...sold over in england from some chinese supermarkets but alcohol content limited go 5%
Chang beer sponsors everton!
i.e " im gunna get some chang for this weekends rave...

how much chang do u want for friday night?
by Racie+ September 27, 2007
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1. low quality substance. more commonly used to refer to drugs, especially marijuana. can also refer to cheaply made plastic toys at the dollar store.

2. slang for chinese food
1. Yo mike, that's some next chang.

Yeah I know, I spent 5 bucks and got a half quarter.

2. Let's get some chang from Sam Woo
by fishyywishy January 25, 2010
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A Small Asian dick that doesnt get punded enough due to its microscopic size
wow look at that mans penies, it must be a chang
by Efrau April 18, 2009
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