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Done, okay, finished. In a physical state where further intoxication is unneeded. Often used as a polite refusal for more marijuana, alcohol, etc. Also used as a general term for reluctancy or unwillingness.
"Yo Lee, hit greens on this bowl."

"Aw, no thanks man, I'm champ from that last one."

"Bro, let's throw eggs at some traffic!"

"I'm champ on that, dude. Count me out."
by churnice January 08, 2013

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1. A term used to describe an object or an idea that has no purpose but to cause disaster.

2. A completely unnecessary object, person or idea.

3. Something or someone that commits sabotage.
"We totally allowed ourselves to fail. Let's make sure we don't bring the bungee scissors next time."
by churnice May 02, 2009

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Someone who has done wrong or made a mistake.
I got way drunk last night; I'm such a stumbling Otis.
by churnice June 12, 2008

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