god damn. that cenk is fine.
by cenk June 10, 2003
To inflate the rating of a movie, music release, or book
His rating of the movie totally cenked up the score on Rotten Tomatoes
by aemathisphd June 26, 2010
A stubborn and selfish man. But he is very exact and clever, he is a good father also.
Azam: Give us free room and free trf pls.
Cenk: No, I can't.
Azam: You are a really Cenk.
by mary_Hei September 1, 2018
When you climb the job ladder very fast and get promoted faster than anyone else.
DAMN! Dis nigga is skyrockin!
Yeah man, he's on Cenk-Track
by GlobetrottelX May 2, 2017
America's most relevant and badass media personality, host of The Young Turk news program online and on Current TV.
Does Cenk Uygur eviscerate our corporate thrall of a government every night on TYT and actually talk about real solutions to our problems? OF COURSE!!!!
by TemporalOasis January 7, 2012
it means "war" or "epic battle" in old Turkish language with Persian origin of word "cang". First written Turkish source of its use is in Garib-name (1330) as "ceng". When we say war it is not like that stupid Six-day war, more like Hacksaw Ridge, Okinawa Battle or Battle of Winterfell with Night King, dragons and sh*t. He is a sexy and good looking dude with a fighter spirit and killer instinct to be proudly called by this name. Therefore, don't use this name for your skinny-ass children and change it when they do not turn out as sexy as you hoped for!!!
Aaaaarrr, Let go to CENK and kill some crows.

Honey, did you forget to buy the god damn barbeque sause again!?? There you go to another Cenk with her.
by ckskn001 November 22, 2021