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the most beautiful binch the world could ever know. so out going. so lively and lovely. cemres will literally slay anything they do. cemre will always put those they care about before themselves. might be a little down sometimes, but words of encouragement and being there for them, is the biggest thing you can do. once a cemre loves you, they will always love you, even if they may act sassy towards you sometimes (take this as a sign they like you). cemres will do anything to get ahead. lastly, cemres are the best thing any person that falls in love with them can ask for ;)
oh my gosh, you look so beautiful, you look like a cemre
by August 22, 2018
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cemre is a stupid bitch who is stupid and has a lot of moles
‘stop being such a cemre’ Gary said whilst telling Kennedy who was acting like a bitch.
by mrchicken123 March 26, 2018
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