If there’s one thing all Celldweller fans can agree on, it’s this: Celldweller has a huge discography. There are releases upon releases upon remixes upon instrumentals upon deluxe editions. Where does a new Cellmate even begin to start?!
by Delatom July 26, 2018
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A group of individuals who share work area
How do you know them? They are my cellmates we work together!
by bestclues August 01, 2017
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The bitch you are fucking (guy) in jail, and or prison.
Hey man I got my cellmate licking my ballonknot.
by Rowdy Caspar April 28, 2006
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This is the ONLY sex act that the turd brains who submit disgusting sex acts to UD and are obviously virgin teenage boys with overactive imaginations,will ever experience. Should anyone ever attempt the ridiculous,impossible,violent or illegal sex moves submitted to Urban Dictionary,their future would certainly contain abundant,non-consenting,forceful,prison-style anal sex from a cellmate named Bubba.
My buddy tried the Cleveland Steamer on his wife.She had him arrested and now all he gets is the brutal cellmate.
by wolfbait51 April 22, 2011
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Cocoa, sugar, creamer. We put it in a little bag--trash bag, you know. Mix it all up {...then put the bag inside a 5-gallon bucket}. Surround it with ice. Pour salt--a layer of salt and ice, salt and ice, and ah, {hang bucket from top bunk's frame and...} shake it back and forth for about an hour and a half then you have ice cream. Homemade ice cream."

This is ice cream. It's really good.
Cellmate ice cream tastes as good as Granny's hand-cranked but's lots cheaper and simpler too.
by treeguywussup August 09, 2011
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