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Industrial metal one man band virtuoso.
Best musician of the century.
Celldweller is god.
by Nitro August 14, 2003
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Band formed by Klayton (aka Klay Scott). In the self titled debut album he recorded all the instruments and male vocals. He later assembled a full band for touring. Thier sound is best described as "all over the map" (in a good way!) Their style goes from metal to techno to electronic to acoustic and almost, but not quite to country. Their album has sold quite well despite being an indie band. The album can be found on or on iTunes, but some music stores now carry it. Definately worth searching for.
"What is that music you're listening to?"
"It's CellDweller man, you should check it out."
"I sure think it's keen!"
by PeaTearGriffin April 11, 2005
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