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A type of fart to where the ass cheeks are squeezed tightly together during such said fart, producing a high-pitched squeel.
When that car stopped on the pavement of a parking deck, I began to reminisce about the time Otto skimped.

Dale Doback skimped during his job interview and was rejected for the position.
by Hagggard March 18, 2009

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Quite popular affair in San Francisco and New York in which a drag queen (male who dresses as a woman) takes off his clothes in the art of erotic dance, for money or other means of payment such as homosexual acts.
Otto was able to pay off his college expenses by drag stripping on the weekends.

Lance duped his friend's, who like fast cars and racing, into going to the drag strip last friday night.
by Hagggard March 18, 2009

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A chronic masturbater.
When their relationship ended, Alfred become a cellar dweller.

The catholic priest, after years of celler dwelling, was relieved when he was hired to be the new youth minister.
by Hagggard March 18, 2009

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