The act of celebrating after a sick snip, usually occurring in hockey.

The kayak, double ski poles to throaty, ice dust and blow, captain morgan, shooting the duck, and glass jumping are all examples of dirty celes
DK: You see Caro snip that tendy?
CG: Yeah man, he had a dirty cele in front of their bitties!
by D-Nasty28 December 5, 2009
A famous childish media starved piece of trash with little or no talent, questionable fame.
Kim is such a cele-brat, she is hogging all the NBA benchwarmers.
by MyztresC June 3, 2014
Referring to a female that is popular but you know is a slut
Bryan: What do you think of sofi

Jaquan: Man dat girl is a cele hoe
by Hoodlands kid AF 2 June 19, 2018
On January 29th is national show celes appreciation day and tell her how much you love and appreciate her and that you’re thankful for her and how swaggy she is
by Sexy mfo January 29, 2021