If a girl is born on this day dont let her go wife her up she is beautiful smart funny etc. Go up 2 her on this day and kiss her
January 29th = WIFE HER UP
by 4seasons November 5, 2019
Make out with your bf/gf day💙💙
Guy 1: yooo you ready for January 29th
Guy 2: yeah I heard it’s a day where you make out
by DeleteTheBaby January 29, 2020
One if the best penguin loving moms was born today.
The best mom on planet Earth was born today January 29th.
by haple January 28, 2020
If her name starts with an S, M, A, R, T, and is born on this day marry her instantly.
"Yeah Sophie's birthday is on January 29th" "Bro mary her,"
by SoupIsTheMan December 16, 2021
The day where a beautiful girl is born. Her name will start with either C,B, E, or K.She will some times be heart broken but to not show that she is depressed she tries to be happy 50% of the time. On this day show her how much you love her and care for her.Tell her she is the luckiest girl alive. Never be mean or rude to her if you do she will become more heart broken than she already is.
-Calianna is heart broken now but not forever on January 29th she will be whole again
by lifekids December 18, 2019
National Chloe day, anybody called Chloe born on this day you must give a hug or high-five. If she’s your crush you shall ask her out.
It’s January 29th and it’s Chloe’s birthday look there she is over there- i have a crush on Chloe, i’ll go ask her out and give her a hug.
by MOMMA PIE October 27, 2019