4 definitions by Christian Chernoff

A forced cease to a brutal ratio twitter feud. After two hours the user with more likes, retweets, or comments wins. This may not be met with another ratio remark.
“I have more interactions, I call a Ratio Cease Fire”
“Can’t believe a famous twitter persona lost a ratio and had to call a Ratio Cease Fire”
by Christian Chernoff July 21, 2021
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hottest men in the entire order of BBYO
those AZA kids are the hottest mfs

madlik aza are the hottest men in the entire order of bbyo
by Christian Chernoff March 16, 2021
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When 2 bipolar people wrestle. Preferably someone with type 1 bipolar disorder against someone with type 2.
"There should be a fight between the types"
"Call that shit wrestlemania"
by Christian Chernoff June 28, 2022
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What you say to your friend who looks like Milk from Big Mouth when he says anything mildly stupid.
“Hey guys! Want to see my long Brazilian shlong?
Shut the fuck up Milk.”
by Christian Chernoff January 13, 2021
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