Acronym for crudely drawn cock (not the animal).
I got a new graphics tablet today, you know what that means: CDC!
by StrangeQuark February 04, 2005
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Stands for "Crying Drunk Chick". This female has had waaayy too much to drink, and is therefore reliving a break-up/reminiscing about the past/ sobbing about their low self-esteem. There's one at every party.
"Oh man, I totally took on the role of CDC last night."
by MAKKER December 16, 2008
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cool dude chillin
also hardcore band from pennsylvania
those are some cdc!!
by jessy brutal August 03, 2007
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An over zealous poster on matters concerning the Windows product line.
"Who has actually kept all of their cd receipts for the last five years?"

"Well, I have."

<cK<"what a fucking loser."
by IAmANickyWarrior October 22, 2003
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The Central Didsbury Crew are the most notorious gang in manchester, who along with their allies, the FEDC, are involved with over 50% of the cities gang shootouts. the two crews are in charge of vast amoutns of drug turf, much of it hussled from lesser crews such as the EDC and the WMD. It is said that "their hands are always stained with the blood of their enemies"
EDC 1: Yo, lets go make a jack move on barlow moor
EDC 2: G are you insane? thats cdc turf, those crazy motherfuckers are gonna peel a cap
by you know the phantom May 24, 2007
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Calm down, Cougar. When an older woman casually mentions her crush on a much younger man that her daughter also finds attractive
He's 19, you're 35 and his girlfriend's mother. Please just CDC before you end up robbing the cradle
by InDyRaCeR January 22, 2019
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