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Stands for 'Collectible Card Game'.
by Mad Walrus August 06, 2002
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CCGS is an acronym for Christ Church Grammar School. A would-be utopia if not for 'Basher Bayley' 'Garth Vader' 'Pertruka' and the corrupted Caeser-like hierarchy that exists.
Also used in reference to a sport team of Christ Church.
Miranda Kerr: Hey look at the score board! CCGS are dominating Scotch! I know which after party I'm going to. And I'll invite Gemma and Paris and Elle and Jessica and....
by CCGS September 03, 2008
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female gang in choppa city
Choppa City Girls
man 1:ayye who is dey?
man 2:that's C.C.G., don wanna mess with those chix
by xxholaaxx January 13, 2008
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CCG is an abbreviation for 'colour-changing glass'. It is often used in making glass pipes for smoking marijuana.
I'm gonna go blaze a roach in my new CCG pipe.
by hkeasbey April 19, 2007
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(Noun) Stands for "Country Club Gay."

An overly preppy gay person, usually middle-aged.
When I moved to Connecticut from Greenwich Village, I had to adjust to a society of CCGs where all the gays played croquet and wore cable-knits.
by RH June 15, 2006
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Cheshire Cat Grin - (Originated on SpiritWeb Chat in 1997 by Arawyn Walays)
CCG, the Cheshire Cat Grin, is used when you have secret knowledge or have just scored a Gotcha. Remeber Alice in wonderland and the fading CCG?
by Arawyn Walays January 04, 2008
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