Covetous Broadcasting System. So called because they require large fees from cable and satellite companies to air their channels. If these companies refuse to pay their ridiculous fees, CBS will black their channel out until they pay the greedy snobs their insane prices. They have done this before to Dish and now to DirecTV.

Also they will move their most popular programs to CBS All Access, which costs extra money to watch programs online even if you do have their regular channel.
CBS, the Covetous Broadcasting System has lost many viewers due to their blackouts and extra fees, but they have not learned their lesson.
by Boxcar Bob July 24, 2019
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This is an acronym for the word "Crazy Bitch Syndrome." Many women today live with this causing the suffering of all who know them.
Everyone around her suffers form her cbs.
by ExMachina November 19, 2015
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CBS standings for “Cry Baby Sue
The ultimate form of a cry baby

No stopping them! Try to avoid.
Person 1: *starts crying*

Person 2: Ur a CBS! *runs away*
by Yeet_heyyyyyyy May 11, 2019
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Acronym for cock block squad. A group or individual who's mission in life is to ruin those perfect moments with your boyfriend/girlfriend.
Girl: oh my gosh! I was skyping the babe yesterday and my idiot little brother came in and started playing wii.

Friend: haha he's obviously just being the CBS.
by anon1998 September 02, 2013
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