short for Notashi Konge. An author that seek to create beautiful stories. Not much is known about him yet, except a name of a work "Book of Amar"
When I asked NK what he thinks about JK Rowling, he said 'I pity her, that's all. No other comment."

NK says that his favorite English word is "cake".
by mtoday January 1, 2021
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Natural Killer
It’ very similar to Madlad, but more savage
Mum:Hey, kid bring me your grandad’s pills!!
Kid:Get out of my room i’m playing minecraft!!!
Mum: Oh god, what a absolute NK!!!
by Vei18 February 26, 2019
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NK stands for norte killer often used by the sureño gang
by Usuauzzzz April 11, 2023
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No-Kare. People who don't care; something that does not care. Sometimes is put before a name
Yo that manz is straight NK.
You heard about that new rapper, NK.Quan?
by jj.inna June 13, 2020
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Skrap:Where you from
Buster: norte

Skrap: NK ese
by M4FI4 November 3, 2020
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Let's cross the 38th and kill some NKs!
by Chinazi April 18, 2005
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Natural Killer

Every human being is a Natural Killer

Many reasons, among which 1 is ,
Every human being is having NK cells in them,

Natural killer cells ,these kills some foreign antigens ,our own infected cells.

Same goes fa humans

situation demands dude to change,
Well uh I am NK not Natural killer or NK cells

Frankly I am NK

My name and surname starts with N and K
Hence I am NK.
by Geefar December 9, 2021
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