What a white girl says when she sees something she wants/likes
white girl: OMFG they have a Starbucks here! YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

omfg see other definition
by BaeBoo18 November 9, 2015
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It doesn't matter what it means, just don't say it. I was told to do this by the walking forehead.
White girl at Starbucks: Yasssss
Satan: you are mine now
by No dad please May 13, 2020
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Yassss is a word commonly used by basic white girls when they get starbucks.
"OMG starbucks!? YASSSSSS" or "Yasssss claires is having a sale!"
by Virginia69 June 2, 2017
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A more enthusiastic way of saying yes to something you really like.
"Do you like desserts such as Dobos Cake, Zserbó, Chimney Cake, Rigó Jancsi, and many more ?"
"Yassss! Diabeetus in my system!"
by Laurent Cuffashian November 15, 2014
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A cringe replacement for yes. Just say yes, it's cringy.
Girl: Yassss!
Boy: *cringe*
Girl: What, Beyoncé released another album!
Boy: Just say yay, then..
by starverse September 21, 2017
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this word means you are absolutely fabulous(and very very gay). yas with only one s means you are probably not gay and not very fabulous but with four s's means you are very very gay and fabulous
yassss queen im soooo gay.
by binx the yasss queen February 16, 2022
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