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This is an term that refers to rough treatment of any kind for those who are not willing to comply with an order.

It is a term that is not gender specific, and does not necessarily refer to anything sexual.

Its a term that means, you will do what I tell you to do,whether you like or not, if you do not comply I will force you to comply, end of conversation.
The police tell a criminal to come out with his hands up, the criminal refuses to comply, the police say, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.

The criminal continues to refuse, the police go in throw the person on the floor, put on the cuffs then drag him out.

For his refusal to comply he was taken out caveman-style.
by Mello-Yello March 17, 2009
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When the level of sexual passion is so high that one's primal instincts to have extremely energetic and wild sex take over.
1."Girl, he went berzerk and rocked my booty caveman style!"

2. "Ooh baby, lets go out in the backyard so we can bump uglys caveman style."
by canta March 15, 2010
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term used to describe when you've gotten so frustrated at an inanimate object(usually at your computer) that you stop attempting to solve the problem in any kind of logical way, and instead just scream something along the lines of "UGH." or "GAH." and hit it
Computer: Windows XP is currently experiencing a fatal error and will now shutdown regardless of the fact that your term paper is due in three hours and you haven't saved. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you'd like to send an error report that we won't read and don't even remotely care about, you can call 1-800-YOU-LOSE and then shove said error report up your ass.

Sam: *caveman-style*
by Kohrtni-Lin October 28, 2005
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A method of ordering fast food when you are on a Paleo, Primal, low-carb or gluten free regimen. a cheeseburger or other sandwich ordered with no bread, no fries, just place the meat and cheese in a clamshell and pile the veggies and condiments on top.
"Welcome to R****'s. may I help you?"
"I would like a cheesy greaseburger caveman style and a large, unsweetened tea please."
by navarre1095 July 13, 2013
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