A person who, in spite of their intentions, will act as a catalyst or "troll food" by calling out a troll in the act of trolling.
Person 1 aka The Troll: "I think The Beatles is totally overrated and utterly useless as musicians"

Person 2: "You gotta be kidding! The Beatles has created countless hits - more than any other bands! That alone is proof of their great achievements"

Person 3 in reply to Person 2: "Dude, dont be a troll catalyst! person 1 is obviously trolling - You're feeding the troll"
by MrMusicDK December 16, 2011
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A Teen Second Life military group founded by Jack Westwick himself in late July of '09. Catalyst has been seen as a Second Life joke because of their warfare intensity and seriousness about their military operations. Though commonly small in numbers with a group average of 60 members, Catalyst Ops continues to grow and is still widely known. It's uniqueness is its unmatched leadership and carelessness for those who had tainted vision upon them. But most of all it is unique because of the friendship it offers and the wonderful experiences you will find inside it.
Catalyst Ops.
by Shwaum January 11, 2010
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Sick concert hall that resides in the sick ass town of Santa Cruz California. The catalyst club always has the sickest concerts, some performers include: Tina Turner, Hilary Duff, Willy Nelson, Snoop Dogg, Mac Dre, Tupac Shakur..etc. The catalyst is the place to be during a rap concert because you know the bitches come looking fine and theyre ready to please you on da dance floor. The weed in there is amazing and the alcohols cheap. So come to the catalyst this weekend cuz you know its the spot.
Guy 1: hey dude im so bored i just wanna go somewhere, where theres hott bitches that will possibly give me head.

Guy 2: hey i hear theres supposed to be this sick concert at the catalyst club tonight!

Guy 2: dude lets go!
by dr green thumbSC March 22, 2010
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The introduction of a new thread in a conversation, made to keep an otherwise flagging conversation ongoing.
That fact about the discovery of Teflon stayed with me for some reason. I haven’t thought about Teflon since God knows when.”
“This morning,” said Howard. “It’s amazing how those factoids surface.”
“Conversation catalysts,” replied Barry.
by yalebno June 14, 2010
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A certain type of psychopath known to be obsessed with discovering how people will think and act under certain situations. They are considered armed and extremely dangerous, even if unarmed.
OMG that Fallen Catalyst keeps asking me these awkward questions. I don't know how to answer them.
by TriFire September 14, 2017
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Someone who helps you grow into a better and more mature person.
Joe always thought of Sam as his life catalyst, because when Joe had trouble with drugs in college, Sam helped him get clean and back on his feet.
by marvel1117 May 17, 2015
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Catalyst uses pmax
Catalyst uses scripts
Catalyst uses magebot pmax
Catalysts uses speedhack
by Johndeez January 27, 2019
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