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Cat face has a big cat face, with the body of a cat, and the face of a cat, and he flies through the air because he's got a cat face.

Basically one giant head and a little body, cat face is a minimally anthropomorphic cat which can talk in a French accent but thinks that moths are legal tender and that rubbing something with his face makes it his. Gives sage advice to those that need it. Also tends to be a bit long-winded.
*looking for something to eat*
Cat face: There is no ash flavored with fish in here. There is no poopy wood products favored with beef. What is this? This is no good for me. I must go to the shops, yes.

Cat face: See? I'm rubbing you. There you go. You safe in here. You belong to me.
Old lady: This is a lovely room dearie, but I need to go get my pension.

How about those ash treats shaped like a fish, so you are under the illusion you are eating a fish, but you are not. You are eating the ash.
Store clerk: Not today, no.
Cat face: But ash is very important in my diet! And to my people too! What are you, some sort of catist? That's right, yes, I said it.
Store clerk: We've got real meat treats you kn...
Cat face: You are very funny. You talk, but all I hear is silliness.

Cat face: Cleaning products should be bought from a store, kids, not for the silly prices on your doorstep. 4.99 for scrubbing gloves? What are they made of, huh, diamonds? You should hope not, because that would be scratchy, like my claw.
by Kevin March 06, 2009
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After someone gets drunk and passes out, then somebody else uses a permanent marker to write all over his/her face...whiskers and all and a good profane slogan or two!
My friend passed out on a train in Eastern Europe and I gave a couple of gypsies a Sharpie to write on his face. Five hours after he woke up, he realized he had been cat-faced.
by Dudon A1A April 10, 2007
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A funny face (usually made by a cat) when something smells or seems unpleasant, such as wrinkling the nose.

Yoshi had garlic on his breath, so when he tried to kiss Kaori, she made a cat face.
by Mitsuneko November 01, 2007
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When someone uses the 'cat face' emoticon ":3" at a time when it's not really appropriate, much to the annoyance of the people receiving the text.
Example 1:
Joe (texting): Hey man, do you think you'll be able to pick me up after the show?
Ricardo (texting back): :3
Dave (to Joe): Looks like you just got catfaced.

Example 2:
Joe: Hey, want to go out for a beer later on?
Ricardo: :3
Joe: Yeah, that doesn't help me.
by thebeardedblacksmith February 12, 2013
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When you move your head to the side, to a 45 degree angle, with a surprise expression on your face.
It is time for cat face!

"I cant believe you put ketchup on your roast, cat face"

"Dude, did you hear that he got busted for trying to smuggle a ton of grade A canadian reefer, no way, cat face"
by Arrow Greg June 27, 2014
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(fuzzy and warm)
the catface made biscuits on my granny's back! get him guys!
by nicholas March 30, 2005
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A little wallet loosing peck, peck who loves abitta spice and all things nice. 99% wolf and compares everything to spaniels.
Who is this god damn cat face?. Rickin Pecker.

I hear strange things about this Catface.
by AnggiMan November 16, 2013
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